True stories. Told by me. Live onstage. 



Naked Truth, February 2019

Audio: Franklin Walther
Still image: me

Naked Truth, February 2018

Video: Franklin Walther
Still image: me


Porchlight 8th Anniversary, July 2010
Theme: Magic Eight Ball

Video: Evan Karp 
Still image: Talen

Naked Truth, October 2016
Theme: Kismet

Video: Mill Valley Library
Still image from

Naked Truth, February 2015
Theme: Love is a Battlefield

Video: Mill Valley Libraray
Still image from here

Naked Truth, September 2011
Theme: Going Too Far

The Mill Valley Library has gotten a grant to expand their storytelling programming, which is terribly exciting.  They have launched a beautiful new website for Naked Truth where you can hear many great stories and even tell one.  Go visit.


Video: Mill Valley Library.
Still image: Rebcca Hallas


Naked Truth, December 2013
Theme: Masquerade

This is a notable video in that, shortly after starting, my mind goes completely blank.  Just what every performer hopes will happen.  Yay! 


Tell it on Tuesdays, August 2012

Video: Evan Karp
Still image: Simon Wood


Porchlight March 2010
Theme: Danger!

Video: Evan Karp