Style Guide

Thank God for MSN. I appreciate their efforts to break down tiresome stereotypes and help women to be the very best that they can be:

Out on the town with the girls

Out on the town often means dressing to the nines, dancing and meeting a lot of men. These evenings call for a look that makes you feel hot (or at least hotter than your friends).

Some guidelines: Sheer shirt with no bra = no good. See-through (or netted) white shirt with black bra = tacky. Backless tank with full front coverage = sexpot. These style tips will help get you into the trendiest clubs -- and get you home with most phone numbers.

On dates

If you really want to go for "the innocent, but really not so innocent" look, try a slipdress. The spaghetti straps will showcase your shoulders and the tight fit on the top will keep his eyes glued to all the right areas.

[So that would be what? Your eyes?]

Working it when you're working out

Men are more inclined to notice those of us who work it right while we are working out. That means showing off the curves, lifting the chest and sucking in the stomach.