Winging it

I do not have a cell phone, a digital camera, a microwave, or a television, but now it seems I have a blog. How can this possibly be true? Perhaps I ought to have read more books on the subject before undertaking the responsibility. I know nothing about its care and feeding. I don't even know if this font is within my control. I don't know whether I will be this stutifying forever, or just today. I do know that and I ended up with a silly address. Here I am boldly sallying forth into the unknown world of technology only to be immediately thwarted. No justice. Who knew that all things cereal-related were so outrageously popular? Except raisins, apparently. Raisins I can have.

The entries below are (appropriately) back dated because before today I had what you might call an "imaginary blog." Me? Well, I called it a "piece of paper."