T-shirts of Italy

As promised. Now, I realize that t-shirts may not seem like a fascinating subject, but that's because you just don't know. They are costly or I would have purchased them. And framed them.

There's really no need to editorialize (although you know how hard it is for me to stop). The beauty stands on its own.

Without further ado, I present: T-shirt Text of Lucca.

Shirt #1

Wear the art in the free style's paradise

Shirt #2 (envision purple puff paint)

SRF all waves in board time

Shirt #3 (quotes theirs, not mine)

Marcello "Come Here"

Shirt #4


Shirt #5 (this is a long one--take a deep breath)

Red and yell
blends standy
jovial and na

Look yo the rose

rose carry
a lot of body

yellow roses
usually stand
for joy and gladness



What else is there to say? Wear the art in the free style's paradise, my friends. And tussie mussies to you all.