Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I am getting things out of my trunk when with much clattering and many cries of "dude!" three skater boys tumble out of the the house across the street. There is some experimental skating, but all is not well.

"Dude! Dude!" The boy yells up to the open second-story window. Another remarkably similar shaggy-haired youth appears. There is some discussion about how Dude #1 has unwittingly hit the street with an undersirable board. They plan an exchange. Dude #2 suggests that, instead of coming all the way back upstairs, Dude #1 should throw the unwanted board up, and he (D#2) will throw another one down. Although I never considered it before, I have to say that it's impressive to see someone throw a skateboard straight up two stories. Dude #1 gets it high enough for Dude #2 to catch on his second try. The first-floor windows remain intact. Nice work, dude.

Dude #1 specifies his needs "Dude. Gimme the one in the hall. Not the really big one. The little one with the fat wheels. It's the only other one."

So, apparently he only has three.