Things I learned during my weekend in NY:

1. NY, NY is a hell of a town
2. The Bronx is up
3. The Battery's down
4. The people ride in a hole in the ground

Oh wait. Wrong list. I already knew all that from "On the Town"

Here we go:

1. My mother is a very organized traveler

2. It is possible to become quite intoxicated on two glasses of sangria. Particularly at Alta.

3. There are still hotel rooms available in which countless thousands of people seem to have been smoking since, say, 1952.

4. On the 19th floor the windows only open two inches.

5. Even if the website says student tickets will be available if you come in person to the box office, there will be no student tickets available.

6. Jules and Talya live way, way too far away from me and my life would be much improved if they lived within sangria-drinking distance all the time.

7. The R will get you there, but not back.

8. The F train will get you back, but not there.

9. Many, many, many people enjoy running.

10. My father is a rock star.

Actually, I knew a lot of that already, particularly #'s 1 and 10. Oh, and #6--I am definitely all too aware of #6.

If I were a millionaire, or, heck, a billionaire, and I had a warmer coat, I would probably move. For this year though, two days will have to do.