Vive la France

I am going to Paris for Thanksgiving--just as soon as I finish my accursed Dante research paper. This very short trip has been the light at the end of the tunnel of this darkish fall. Only four days there and, counting the way there and back, another day spent in the air, but still worth it. That is, if I can actually get from the airport to the city.

Two things the French enjoy:

1. Cheese
2. Labor strikes

Oh, how they enjoy a good labor strike. This time it's a transit strike which means the trains, buses, and metro are essentially shut down. Presumably the taxis are gleefully running to and from Roissy, but with the strike-induced traffic, I can only imagine how long that ride would take. Or, more alarmingly, what it would cost. 100 Euros? 200?

It kind of redefines the whole "bargain travel package" thing.