We keep hearing about how cars are a significant contributor to climate change and to simply generating heat on already too-hot streets. What if we completely eradicate all consumer options except one. This one.

I borrowed this from here.
And this one from here.
Having been caught behind such a vehicle in traffic today, I have had time to develop my hypothesis. Namely, that if this hideous creation were the only option, many fewer people would drive.

The Blog Bully takes issue.
Quoth he: I know you don't claim to be writing a scientific journal, but can I proffer a petty correction on a pet interest of the blog bully. Cars are a contributor but not a "significant" contributor to climate change. Cars are responsible for about 35% of the transportation sources of US greenhouse gas emissions. Transportation accounts for about 28 percent of total US GGE making cars responsible for a little less than 10% of US GGE or climate change as we say. Applied worldwide, the number decreases.

I kind of like that car.

Voila. The most actual useful knowledge you will ever get here. Can you imagine if I did claim to be writing a scientific journal? What a disaster that would be. In any case, the Blog Bully knows this kind of thing backwards and forwards (he reads a lot, whereas I watch Breaking Bad) and I totally trust him. Except, sadly, we've all just learned that he has appalling taste in cars. I can only assume he also looks favorably upon the monstrosity that is the PT Cruiser. How are the mighty fallen.