Upon my return to Lausanne (and French), Jules met me at the station which, despite the rush hour crowds, seemed entirely devoid of teenagers who wished to make me their personal nemesis. It made for a pleasant change.

We made our way up in the subway (the subway in Lausanne basically goes straight uphill or, obviously, downhill depending on your direction. As my subway experiences in all other towns involves level ground, it is quite notable. Clinging to poles is required so as not to topple over backwards) to meet Jules' boyfriend, Filippo, and a friend of theirs at the roof bar in L'Hotel. If you have the opportunity, do go to the roof bar at L'Hotel and enjoy the wide view over the city. If possible, go with some delightful people who will pretend that you speak perfect French. It will make you feel like one of the cool kids. Guaranteed.

Over the weekend, we went to Filippo's house a few towns away which made me feel like Switzerland might be showing off just a little bit. See what I mean?
That's just Filippo's garden. You know. No big deal.

Lunch at Filippo's looked like it came directly from my imagination. That's a cherry tree. I didn't even know cherry trees got that big.

Luckily for Filippo, I was quite allergic to his cats, otherwise I probably would have stayed there forever. He is so hospitable, he probably would have just let me, rather than risking rudeness in asking me to please move out of his guestroom. It was a perfect Swiss ending.

The following day, Jules and I went back to Lausanne, packed our bags, and headed to the Geneva airport, where we said farewell and headed off to two different countries. But not before we got really excited about the blooming honeysuckle on the balcony.