Is there something before 101?

Somewhat reluctantly, I am taking a class called Social Media 101. It is basically a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" move on my part. I guess that's kind of a goofy remark for someone with a blog, but it's pretty clear that technology is not my strong suit. I have many other charming qualities; I promise. [Note: If you are a potential employer, I am a highly competent professional, well versed in a variety of timely social media platforms.] There. I wouldn't want to shoot myself in the foot or anything.

I'll tell you what. If you have been opting out of each bright new thing, it's a little overwhelming to learn about everything all at once. Fortunately, a career counselor insisted that I join Facebook a year ago, so I think I've got next week's homework under control already, but Twitter has been a bit of a rocky start.

For my very first tweet, I linked to this article and wrote "Etiquette ninjas? That settles it. I'm moving to London."

And I got a reply! Yay. Only it turned out to be from some company (presumably in London) that said, "Great to hear you're moving to London! Why not follow us for some regular inspiration on things to do when you get here?"

Another day, I replied to a tweet by my friend Evany and, in closing (as much as anything that short justifies that phrase), I said, "Also, I'm on Twitter. Sign of the End Times?" This was instantly retweeted by this person? organization? whose Twitter bio reads:
Whatever it is your thinking realise this one thing. [sic] The heavens declare His glory, it would go well with you to take the time to look up. Peace be with you.

Twitter, I sometimes say things that aren't strictly true. It's called "joking." I'm sorry for any confusion this my cause. On the other hand, I also apologize if I have inadvertently brought on the Apocalypse by joining Twitter.

So, basically, I'm taking the internet by storm. Savvy as can be. If you would like to know when I say things as briefly as possible, I'm @Kari_SF. Currently, I have just ten (highly distinguished) followers, so, even if you have a bulky jacket or something, there's still plenty of room for you.