What, this?
Oh, this is just a little something I whipped up last night. From scratch. On a Tuesday.

Granted, there was some confusion about the parchment paper, but there was no swearing that I remember. That's unusual for any significant culinary undertaking. I think I'm making progress.

I read this post on Oh Happy Day and I wanted to give it a try. Sadly, she's moved on to a second tutorial that seems far more complex (plus I can't be baking a cake every day. After all, I live alone and I'm gym-challenged), but, for now, I'm quite pleased with myself.

Tonight the blog bully's coming over to celebrate a recent victory over The Man (his, not mine. I don't spend much time fighting The Man, but the blog bully is all about fighting the power), so we can find out how it tastes. Fingers crossed.


It was good.