Tomorrow I am going to an event called "Soirée Francophone" and I'm a little bit nervous. I feel like if it were Soirée Francophile I would have it in the bag--we could all just eat baguettes and be enthusiastic about the Eiffel Tower in a general sort of way. It's the "phone" part that has me worried. My French is in pretty serious disuse, such that if I am called upon to form any verbs other than in the present tense I risque making an idiote of moi-meme. So please to wish me bonne chance and cross your fingers that I miraculously happen to wear the right thing and that--if things go très, très well--someone might even think I'm charmante. I quite miss being thought charmante.

Speaking of charmante, regardez! Here is a very tiny door. In a tree! In Golden Gate Park. I am very delighted by this. I would approximate my delight to be about 287 times greater than it would be if someone took it upon themselves to knit around this tree. People seem to enjoy this trend (indeed, there are two street signs across from my house that have been sheathed in knitting), but I am not really a fan. Tiny doors in trees, however? Behind which gnomes and/or fairies clearly reside? Yes, please.

via The Bold Italic