Falling in love again

You may recall my fantasizing about being Marlene Dietrich (you may also recall fantasizing about yourself being Marlene Dietrich, but I wouldn't know about that). Well, as it happens, I basically am Marlene Dietrich. I offer this evidence.

On one hand, it is comforting (however hollowly) to know that I am not alone in pitiful behavior, that even Marlene Dietrich has wandered around ridiculously pining for men who ignore her. On the other hand: Men, what gives? This pattern of behavior that spans the decades and leads you to ignore not only me, but also Marlene Frickin' Dietrich really must stop.

Have you seen Marlene Dietrich?


So, while I need no longer envy Marlene Dietrich her love life, I do keenly envy her being a close personal friend of Noel Coward. It is a thing to which I have long, and alas, fruitlessly, aspired.

When you are selecting friends from among famous people whom you do not know, your slim odds of success greatly improve if you first narrow the candidates to those among the living. A tiresome restriction, but there it is.

Also, how much do you love that Yul Brenner was called Curly?