Idle hands, etc.

There are times I write to entertain you and there are times I write to entertain myself. This, I am sorry to say, is the latter. Lacking any kind of narrative through-line, we shall resort--once more!--to a numbered list of miscellany.

1. Just now, in conversation with a friend, I uttered this sentence, "It will abut the Spiritual Life Center." My friend laughed. It was not my intention to make her laugh, but her point is taken.

2. Rather than going to the gym after work yesterday (as was Plan, oh I don't know, let's say Plan D, vis à vis gym-going), I got a deep dish pizza from Little Star, half of which I ate, very rapidly, while watching hour after hour of television. So fitness is going well.

3. I find that even if I am nearly hysterically tired, I will not go to bed at 10pm because, in my mind, 10pm is too early to go to bed. Instead, I will do something like watch a show about a Norwegian crime reporter (possibly Danish?) until I fall asleep in a chair. Wait. I take it back. There is a narrative through-line from #2 to #3, after all. Perhaps #4 will provide a conclusion.

4. While at the market during my lunch hour, I purchased a charmingly small bottle of fancy tonic water which I am eager to take home and introduce to my fancy gin. It seems to be that sort of day. Perhaps if I had not allowed myself to fall asleep in a chair last night, I would have met the day with greater joie to say nothing of de vivre.

Yes. That will do. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be more sloth and lack of will power to celebrate another day. Carry on.