One fewer

I got an email today with the subject heading "Top 5 Deathbed Regrets of Writers." It's likely that I will suffer from all five of them, but just in case one of them was "Failed to update my blog after being totally on a roll," I am here. Maybe this simple act of showing up means I'll only suffer four deathbed regrets--as a writer, anyway. I hate to contemplate the number of non-writing related deathbed regrets there may be. I may require a long, wasting sort of illness in order to get though them.

One of the downsides of being cowardly is that regrets are easy to come by. Perhaps you would like to cross-stitch that onto a throw pillow as a warning to yourself. Granted, it will have to be a pretty big pillow to fit such a long phrase, but that's okay. When you get home from all those brave, self-actualizing activities, you're probably going to be pretty tuckered out. A large, cautionary pillow may come in handy.

You're welcome.