Honey, I'm home

I have an L.A. recap and a tiresome flight delay tale to tell, but today I'm just too sleepy to manage it. I'll tell you this though. When I spun the tale of airline woe for my mother on the phone earlier today, she said, "You should have called us!"

Obviously, when you are a grown woman with a viable salary, the solution to being stranded at the airport at midnight is not to call your parents who live in another county, and ask them to please come get you, but rather, to call a taxi. Still. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to have a family that would have taken that midnight call and made the hour-long journey to save me fifty bucks. We should all be so lucky.

Speaking of lucky, this is the time of year that the angle of the sun collaborates with my bay windows such that actual rays of light come into my north-facing apartment in the evening. Admittedly, it instantly reveals a certain cavalier attitude towards dusting, but also, for about an hour, creates a glow in the house that makes my life seem beautiful in a cinematic sort of way. And if it seems so, who's to say it's not?

It's nice to be glad to be home.