I don't like to get you all excited by posting on a Saturday. It sets the wrong precedent. But I am aware I missed Friday, so...

Some disorienting things happened yesterday and I woke this morning feeling raw and fragile. Fortunately, the sun was already on the scene, amazingly without it's sneaky San Francisco sidekick, freezing wind. A good start, certainly, but I felt further action needed to be taken. I suspect that the antidote for raw and fragile varies from person to person, but this is what I applied to the situation.

1. I took myself out to tea. I'm not going to lie: I did have a scone, but I also had some protein like a sensible person. My waitress had very graceful posture. It was her first day, but it didn't seem like it.

2. I went to the library and along the route I did, quite literally, stop to smell the roses. I sat in the library for about an hour during which I was grateful for libraries. I read an article about the Obamas and one about Audrey Hepburn in Rome. I returned a book I had not yet finished because I was informed there were ten people waiting to read it. I am sure they will make brisker progress than I seemed to be making. I chose two new books instead, one of which I think might change my life. I was grateful for libraries some more.

3. I cleaned the house. Or made a start, at least. Then I sat in the afternoon sunshine in my orderly kitchen and had a banana.

4. At the last minute, I did the smartest thing of all, and drove across the bridge to see a baseball game. My niece turned over an inning by striking three kids out: one, two, three. The adults in the stands talked about her with awe, murmuring her name like that of a celebrity spotted on the other side of a restaurant. She's ten. She rules.

5. Then we all had pizza.

It's hard to go wrong with pizza.