I saw this headline this morning:

"Family claims they did not deny gay server tip"

And I immediately thought, "well, of course they didn't.  I'm sure it was a great tip.  I wonder what it was?  Something to do with love?  With healthy eating?  With maintaining great skin? Why would this article not be leading with the actual tip?"

Oh. Wait. Wrong kind of tip.  Dammit. Now this is just a depressing story.

Then I got in the car mid-NPR and some guy is talking about "Sarah did this" and "Sarah did that."  He said "Sarah arrived in Mexico in 1749." and I said aloud, "Who is this Sarah?" And then he said something like, "where he began his missionary work." Ahh.  Not Sarah, then.  Serra.  Our friend Junipero.  So much for that nice Jewish girl on her Mexican adventure. From what I gleaned from the rest of the story, I suspect the soon-to-be-converted native Indians might have preferred her.

The world of my constant delusion is more entertaining than the real one. Though it occurs to me that there are psychiatric hospitals FILLED with people who have said that very same thing, so maybe forget I said it? Pretty please?