There are often little signs posted in the girls' bathroom at school. Usually, these are about upcoming dances or plays or club meetings. Sometimes, they are health tips, e.g., Wash your hands!  Don't share hats!  Lately though, there has been a little flurry of signs about sharks. More precisely, about not killing them.

I don't doubt that this is a worthy cause, but I have been secretly amused. I suspect that teenagers at a small private high school in San Francisco are not culpable in too much shark killing. Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe it's the big weekend craze. 

The sign in my usual stall says, "Shark fin soup has been described as tasteless.  Don't kill sharks!" And so I've continued my lifelong not-eating of shark fin soup, much like the majority of others in the building. 

But then...yesterday [cue ominous music]...the sign was not only taken down, but  crumpled up and thrown on the floor. Ominous indeed.

If you are a shark and you are reading this: hide.