I woke at 5am on the sofa, fully dressed and broiling hot with the lights and the heater still on. This is often how "watching television" ends. It's not very dignified, but one of the benefits of living alone is that you can be nearly relentlessly undignified and no one need know, unless you're foolish enough to write about it on the internet.

Though bleary, I was also still filled with indignation from the dream I'd had moments before. I was playing a board game with a large group of people in what seemed to be an old fashioned school gym. A card was read out. I was supposed to identify which of three people nearly vomited when given Marmite.  The answer was "the gangsta rapper" (duh) which I totally got, but the stupid girl said the other team said it faster. Which they did NOT. It was very obviously a tie.