Testing 1,2,3

Not unreasonably, a friend has asked for me to link my blog to my Facebook page so that she doesn't have to pull out a star chart or use telepathy or just plain guess when I might have taken it upon myself to write something.  I understand that there is a thing called a Publishing Schedule that fancy bloggers employ so that they can create a harmonious relationship between content and readers.


Well, maybe I'll get there someday, but, for now: ha.

I have been strangely reluctant to wave the "I wrote something today" flag. My relationship with this blog vacillates dizzyingly between "Oh!  People actually read it!"  to "Oh lord. People actually read it?" I am a nut job, apparently.  As my friend sagely queries,  "If your blog falls in a forest, etc."

However, for the convenience of my lovely friend more than because I've decided you all care about these alerts--otherwise silent forest notwithstanding--I'm giving it a whirl.

This post is the one in which I determine if I even know how to "push content" (that's what they call it, you see. I never thought I'd be a pusher, but here goes nothing.)  After this, there will no longer be a need to be all meta about it; I'll just write here as erratically as ever, quietly push the big announcement over to Facebook, and continue whistling casually down the lane without so much as a backward glance.