This Sunday

I have longer things to tell you, but I keep wandering off and foolishly doing other things, but really, if you can't use your own blog to promote your own performance, what has the world come to?

Now, I know the 49ers are playing (are you impressed I know that? If I am completely honest, it's because someone just said so in the lunch room) and "Sherlock" season 3 is premiering (obviously no one is surprised that I know that ), but surely you have the technological wherewithal to record that sort of thing, no?

Come to The Vent and hear me and several other delightful people tell stories about much procrastinated things that are finally OH-VER. Don't pretend you can't identify with that.  If you are a human, you can identify with that.


Please come.  It's so much more fun with an audience.

The Vent
Sunday, January 19
Stage Werx Theatre
446 Valencia (oh so BARTable)

Get your tickets right here.