A bit of cheer

Today I neither want to write the frivolous thing I planned to write about making cupcakes for the neighbors, nor do I want to try my hand at a weighty analysis of race relations in this country. (However, I didjust get The Warmth of Other Suns from the library because starting somewhere is better than starting nowhere.)

Instead, for today, a snapshot.

When driving to work, groggy and overcome by the litany of worldwide bad news on NPR, it is an unexpected moment of grace to miss the green light. This accident of timing positions you as the first car at the intersection and therefore the one with the best view when the excited jumble of children spills into the crosswalk behind their teacher, laughing and chattering, bound for who knows what field trip adventure. It also means that when one girl turns sideways to face the cars and waves and waves to see what she can make happen, it is you who get to wave back.