There's an expression

You may have noticed I've written every day in December. If you haven't noticed this, I am thoroughly devastated, so please notice now. Today, right now, in fact, is the day I almost skipped. I am home thinking seriously about going to bed although it is only 8:45pm because all day I've been a contestant on the exciting quiz show: Is It a Virus or Is It Something I Ate?
I still don't really know the answer. 

Is that reason enough to break a solemn vow I made to nobody from the questionable motive of being a copycat? (This whole experiment is based on my friend Evany vowing that she would write every day in December and my saying to myself, "if she can do it, you can do it" which may be technically true, but seems super sketchy in the execution. Which is to say, I think she is better at this than I am. In any case, she is a delight. You should read her.) 

Being a sleepyhead with a stomachache was almost a good enough reason to skip today. Not as compelling as the real reason, though, which is, simply, I have pretty much run out of things to say. I accidentally bought low-sodium chicken broth, which I only discovered once it was in my mouth. It tastes like water that's fallen on hard times. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot more to say about it. I do talk every day, so I can't be completely out of material, but perilously close. Admittedly, I did go out to buy some envelopes at one point today, which necessitated a bit of chit chat, but the transcription probably wouldn't amount to much.

As I've been scrabbling around for content over the last few weeks, I recalled an apt expression for the challenge I've set for myself. In addition to a virus (or food poisoning? or neither?) I suffer from fairly acute Anglophilia and like to imagine that I have a pretty firm grasp on English expressions. I did once hazard a guess that something meant scullery maid when it actually meant slut (and really, I should have guessed. Is it likely that anyone be bandying about an expression meaning scullery maid in the 21st century?), but generally I do pretty well. It happens that for this occasion, there is an English expression that perfectly fits the bill.

Writing every day is difficult, difficult, lemon difficult.

Having made it this far, though, it seemed silly to throw in the towel over a little thing like having nothing to say.  Tune in tomorrow!  When there may be an actual topic of some kind.  You never know.