In which I am an ungrateful wretch

Working at a school means that while you're not rolling in tech money, you do get a lot more vacation time than people in other sorts of jobs.  However, working at a school and not being a teacher means that you do not get as much vacation time as your colleagues. It's not that I think I work as hard as teachers. I don't work as hard as teachers. It's also not that I think teachers should get any less time off than they do. As it stands, it's probably juuuuust enough to keep them from throwing things at the heads of America's young scholars.  There are situations, however, where logic just doesn't come into play.  Being one of about 15 people in the building when the other 440 people who are usually here are either away on glamorous vacations or at home in big fluffy slippers with mugs of hot chocolate clutched in their mitts is one of those situations.

In reality we few, we unhappy few, only had to work three more days than everyone else, but as they all waved merrily and called out "have a good break!" on Friday afternoon, the rest of us knew that Monday loomed cold and lonely. That's all it takes for the full-fledged Cinderella syndrome to kick in. 

Yes, Cinderella, you may go on Winter Break, but first you must file these backlogged contracts and type the minutes of the last board meeting and complete the rental contract for next year's retreat. 

But could I not do that after Winter Break?

After Winter Break?!  Are you mad?  What do you think you are?  A student?  A teacher? Insolence! Get back to your office and don't let me see you until that filing is done!

But Stepmother, it's Christmas Eve Eve! 

Not one more word, you ungrateful wretch!  Out of my sight!

Mind you, the stepmother in this drama is conceptual, my actual boss is very reasonable. Also, he's in Tahoe.


Just a few more hours. Merry Christmas Eve Eve to all you busy toilers out there. And next week, when I'm the one home in my slippers, feel free to resent me as much as you like.