Scottish confusions

1.  When Baz says "half six" it is 100% indistinguishable from "have sex" so it may inadvertently sound like he's suggesting there's time for a quickie in the restaurant WC before the concert.

2. Scotland likes to pretend that night is a thing that does not exist. It is lying, of course, but since it uses the entire sky to back up its claims, it's hard to support your own. 10PM looks much like 3AM, which looks much like noon.  This is a mean trick to play on someone with jet lag.  After yesterday's 2AM lights out/Noon rising, I've learned a thing or two.  Tonight it's early to bed and alarm set.  Take that, sky,  (Also, ears stopped like one of Odysseus' men against the plaintive mewling from the corridor. Take that, cats.)

Good night, Glasgow.